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Welcome on our new website where you can see all our cars in one single place

Welcome! Bienvenue! Welkom! Witamy!

Here we are, finally we’ve got a decent website where you can easily check out for our latest arrivals.
In this section, we will keep you informed of any interesting activities going on in our premises or even outside. By that we mean: participations to fairs, big sales, new arrivals and many other thrilling things.
Subscribe to our newsletter and we will send you twice a month a list of our new cars, the ones that we sold etc.

Our website is currentlyOldtimer scenic view 2 available only in English. However, you should be able to browse through it in French, Dutch and Polish by April 2016. So if your mother tongue isn’t the one of Shakespeare: be patient, your wishes will soon be granted!

Enjoy your virtual visit and we sincerely hope to see you around.

Have fun !

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