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  • Véhicule état neuf, exécution Designo Full cuir,
  • carnet d’entretien complet Mercedes avec derniere facture Mercedes Garage de L’Avenir en date du 19/06/2017.
  • Prix neuf en 2002 104.000€ H TVA 125.840€ TVA Comprise.

. Véhicule en parfaite état

. 1er propriétaire avec carnet d’entretien complet.

. Véhicule état neuf avec seulement 6000KM

. 1er propriétaire.

  • Véhicule en parfait état de marche,
  • série spécial Biscione !!!
  • Très bel état.

Véhicule en parfaite état avec carnet complet Maserati. Entretien avec nouvel embrayage fait a 103000 KM.

  • Véhicule en état exceptionnelle 100% restauré.

Following on from the coachbuilt Rolls-Royces of old, Mulliner Park Ward – although, as it was owned by Rolls-Royce, it was well placed to do so – developed a two-door Silver Shadow, first in saloon/coupe form, and then convertible. They were to all intents and purposes a Corniche, even though the name wouldn’t be adopted in until 1971. When it was launched, the Corniche was Britain’s most expensive car.

It mirrored the mechanical layout of the Shadow, but with even more lavish equipment. Despite the saloon’s upgrade to Shadow II spec in 1977, the Corniche’s title wasn’t amended at the same time, and remained that way until 1987.

The Corniche lived on beyond the Silver Shadow, and survived well into the Silver Spirit era. Although coupés were discontinued in 1982, the convertibles were updated enough for 1987 to justify a small change of name to Corniche II . Alloy and rubber bumpers replaced the chrome

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